Oh no…I’ve Got to Sell my House, Part 1

Oh no…I’ve Got to Sell my House, Part 1

Home ownership, besides being part of the American Dream, is one of the greatest moments in most people’s lives. Besides marriage (tongue-in-cheek for some of you out there) and the births of your children, when you purchase a home, especially your first home, there is a great sense of achievement, security, and happiness. We very quickly forget about those wonderful aspects when orders arrive and we now must face the challenges of having to move. And that starts with selling our current home.

For 20 years, I’ve tried to sell every one of the homes that I have lived in. For 20 years, I have failed to sell any of them…by myself. And I have done it all…all the “sell it by owner” programs, paid the reduced amounts to get it listed in the local MLS, advertised in the paper, internet, you name it, I tried it. I eventually sold all of those homes–after I listed it with a real estate professional.

One thing you will get at Mil PCS, Inc. are some of the “dirty little secrets” that most folks, especially other real estate agents, won’t talk about. Why? Because I’ve been there. I’ve been a consumer, a “sell it by owner”, a real estate associate, and now a licensed broker. Most importantly, I’m a veteran…and that’s more important than all the rest, so if I have the opportunity to point out a few tidbits here and there to help you make good decisions in the face of significant challenges, then I’m going to do so.

We’ve known many that have sold their own homes without a real estate agent…we honestly couldn’t be happier for them and it saved them thousands of dollars! When people come to us and ask our advice on selling their home, we don’t immediately jump into the “listing sales pitch” like 90% of the agents out there (there go the invites to the Real Estate Christmas parties). You see, it may not be in the client’s best interest to list their home with a real estate company. There’s a shocking concept…the client’s best interest. They may have paid too much for the property years earlier and they cannot afford to pay the professional fees and write a check at closing. They may currently live in a depressed market and didn’t get the appreciation they expected. There are many reasons and when we see that is the case, we do everything we can to help them sell it themselves; sometimes all we get is a percentage or two for helping them with the legal requirements and paperwork…AND the satisfaction that a military family has successfully navigated a major part of their PCS and isn’t hurt financially!

Our agents across the country, even though they may work for different real estate brokerages, share our beliefs and focus on the client. You are the reason Mil PCS, Inc. is in existence. You are the reason we do what we do. Be sure to read the next couple blogs…this is a three-part deal you definitely don’t want to miss!