Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Mil PCS, Inc. better than the other referral services?

We feel our service is superior because of the time invested in screening our network agents. Our network agents are all personally interviewed, screened, and background checked before we accept them into our network, and we ensure they have a full understanding of the unique challenges military members face when relocating. Other referral services use computerized lists and do not offer the personalized attention that Mil PCS, Inc. provides.

I already use USAA for insurance and banking… Why shouldn’t I use their Movers’ Advantage Program?

Many of our clients have used the Movers’ Advantage program in the past—some have been satisfied, many others not. We believe that our clients would much rather have the piece of mind knowing that they likely purchased their home properly (at the right price at or below market value) than have a few hundred dollar kickback.

The piece of mind knowing that they have reduced their risk as much as possible with a large investment is priceless. Buying a home properly will likely make selling it an a few years a whole lot easier and less stressful.

What are the costs for using the Mil PCS, Inc. referral service?

There are never any fees for using any of the services offered by Mil PCS, Inc. Our goal is to provide information concerning moving and real estate transactions, and to provide access to our tremendous network of real estate agents free of charge.

I know when selling a house, there are professional fees that the seller must pay…are those paid here?

No, whatever professional fees (realtor fees) that a seller would usually pay when selling a property are paid as they normally would be through the closing process. There are never any additional fees paid to Mil PCS, Inc.

What do I receive when I sign up for the website?

Upon signing up for the website, clients will have access to all the information provided within the webpages, be able to interact with other users (in a future interactive forum), have access to the entire Mil PCS, Inc. network of real estate agents, and have access to trusted partners with expertise in many areas specific to moving, real estate, and financing. Additionally, clients will have access to all blogs and articles published, and real estate professionals on staff will always be available to answer questions.

Are there any guarantees with the website and service?

The only guarantee that we make is that we will do everything possible to make your relocation as smooth as possible and to put you in contact with the best real estate professional that we can. There are no guarantees in any type of investment and real estate is no different—but it is our belief that we can reduce as many of the risks involved to make the most informed, educated decision.

When should I start this process?

You can never start too early, but can most definitively start too late. A general rule of thumb has always been to List your house with a real estate agent as many days before your move as the average home takes to sell (i.e. if comparable homes are averaging 89 days on market, you should list with an agent no later that 3 months before your projected move). If you are going to try and sell the home yourself, we’d recommend starting a couple months before that.

How does the process work?

Register at the website and submit some basic information on the Referral page. You will be contacted by a Mil PCS, Inc. professional and after a few questions, we will begin the process of putting you in touch with one of our network agents. Usually within a day or two, you and our network agent will be in contact with each other, and can discuss your relocation and home search directly with each other. What has worked best for most of our clients is to have the agent email a bunch of listings in the weeks leading up to the house hunting trip, the clients will narrow down the search, and the actual house hunting trip will be more efficient and optimized.

All through this process, Mil PCS, Inc. professionals will be in contact with both parties and will be available to offer any assistance or answer any questions you may have.

I want to try and Sell by Owner…should I wait to register on the website?

Absolutely not! We actively promote trying to sell your home yourself for those interested, but our professionals can only assist with a FSBO if you register. Additionally, our network agents can prove to be an invaluable asset in the success of trying to sell by yourself.