Corporate History & Information

First, and foremost, WE are military–over 20 years worth!  We know exactly what the hardships and challenges are that our brave men, women, and families must endure.  Although retired, we knew that we must continue to do what we can to assist our comrades in arms–if we don’t, who will?  The Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, or DoD?  I don’t think so…  The vultures out there hiding in every bank, real estate or insurance office, or car dealership?  Probably not….  The one thing that remained constant throughout my career, that I knew I could always count on, were my fellow warriors and their families.

Mil PCS, Inc. is a complete, web-based relocation service focused on assisting military members and their families with their numerous moves throughout their career. Pretty simple, but we figured if we could do what we could to help with a family’s single largest financial investment, we would go a long way in helping them personally and professionally.

Military families are burdened with relocating every three or four years, and Mil PCS, Inc. was created to provide information, interaction between the members and industry experts, and locate the top real estate professionals in the area to assist them in making sound financial decisions.

Of all the news coverage of our military, not once have I ever heard about the financial challenge of MOVING every three or four years!  Considering the real estate climate in much of our country, not moving properly (time, money, family, and home) has the very real and distinct possibility of ruining a family financially for many, many years.

Now nothing is guaranteed in this world, and profitable real estate investments certainly are not–what we and our network of real estate agents nationwide hope to accomplish is to minimize the risk you take in providing a home for your family.  We are well aware of the other “Movers” programs out there–THEY are a main reason we started this website!  In our opinion it is shameful to promote yourself as “helping the military” by offering kickbacks for business and sticking the people you supposedly are helping with any ‘ol real estate agent that happens to be contracted with your company and is next on the list.

Our agents are personally screened…yes, every one.  They are interviewed, background checked, references reviewed, and performance scrutinized.  No system is perfect, but our goal is to provide our clients with the most honest, reputable agent possible who will ALWAYS put our clients’ best interest ahead of their commission check!  If we get anything less than a stellar review of a network agent, we inquire into the situation immediately.  If we aren’t completely satisfied with what we uncover, that agent is removed from our program.  To date, we’ve had tremendous success with our system and process, and have a team of agents all across the country with whom I’m proud to do business–and absolutely confident in entrusting our clients with.

We sincerely welcome you to Mil PCS, Inc., thank you for your continued service, and look forward to assisting you in any way possible!