Your Move. Our Help. No Charge.

Your Move

Your next assignment is always an exciting, yet somewhat anxious time for you and your family. In addition to the many military tasks associated with a Permanent Change of Station, military families must cope with the increase in stress concerning all the aspects of the move.

Selling a house, moving, displacing the kids from their friends and school, and the financial impacts all create a tremendous amount of stress, both personal and professionally. Mil PCS, Inc. was founded to assist you in your relocation and hopefully reduce as much of this stress as possible.

Our Help

We've spent years developing a network of the best, most trusted real estate professionals nationwide. A high-quality agent doesn't just help you sell or buy a house, they affect your life personally and professionally. Not only will you have a local network agent working hand-in-hand with you, our team of Mil PCS, Inc. professionals will be with you throughout the entire process!

No Charge

There are never any charges for using our website or referral service. Mil PCS, Inc. was created to assist military members and their families with relocations anywhere throughout the country, never with any additional charges. We're here to hopefully save you money, not cost you more!

Let us serve you. Simply give us a call toll-free, or submit the form to register and let's get started!

The Hassel-Free Process

3 Easy Steps to Making Your Move as Smooth and Stress-Free as Possible!

  • Step 1: Submit a brief contact form on the right or under the Relocation Assistance tab - One of our relocation professionals will contact you shortly
  • Step 2: Use our valuable links and tools to determine how much home you can afford
  • Step 3: Browse our website and articles to get great ideas and useful information

And That's It!

You Now Have Access To The Best Network of Real Estate Professionals in the Country and a Team of Military Veterans to Guide You Through the Process!

We Know What You're Going Through. We've Been There.

Mil PCS, Inc. is owned and operated by Veterans with over 20 years of real estate experience, dedicated to helping fellow service members and their families find the best home at the best price. Military Relocation can be a challenging, and sometimes overwhelming, process and experience. The most critical decision with your PCS involves your home – whether selling, buying, or renting, you need a real estate professional you can trust. Let us serve you. Simply give us a call toll-free, or submit the relocation request form online to register and let's get started!

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